Getting ready for couples counselling

As we approach our first session of couples counseling, I want to offer some suggestions to help you make the most of our time together. This is a collaborative process, and your active involvement is key. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

  1. Personal Reflection:
    Take some time individually to reflect on your personal goals for therapy. What do you hope to achieve for yourself?
  2. Relationship Expectations:
    Consider your expectations for the relationship. What do you need from each other, and what are your hopes for the future? Understanding these expectations is important.
  3. Journaling:
    Keep a journal in the days leading up to our session. Use it as a space to express your thoughts and feelings about the relationship, any concerns you may have, and the positive aspects you want to reinforce.
  4. Emotion Tracking:
    Pay attention to your emotional experiences. What emotions are you aware of, and how do they relate to your relationship? This self-awareness is valuable.
  5. Identify Relationship Patterns:
    Reflect on recurring patterns or cycles in your relationship. This could include communication styles, conflict resolution, or emotional responses.
  6. Prepare for Open Communication:
    It is important to have of open communication during our session. This is a safe space for honest sharing and i will ensure this is done safely.
  7. Letter Writing:
    Consider writing a letter to each other expressing your feelings, concerns, and hopes for the relationship. It’s a powerful way to communicate thoughts that may be challenging to express verbally.
  8. Consider Personal Boundaries:
    Think about setting personal boundaries during our sessions. Respect each other’s thoughts and feelings, and remember that therapy is a safe space for open communication.
  9. Establish Commitment:
    Understand that successful therapy is a commitment. It’s not a one-time fix but an ongoing process. Regular attendance and active engagement are crucial.

I look forward to working with both of you and helping you navigate this journey together. If you have any questions or concerns before our session, feel free to reach out.